Thursday, July 11, 2013

Welcome to my studio . . .
I am so glad you stopped by!  I hope you enjoy your visit.

You are coming into what I call my little paradise on earth.  I spend all the time I can in my studio . . . sometimes sewing, sometimes creating, and sometimes just sitting and drinking coffee.  It is so special to me and I would like to share my space with you. This space was a long time in coming as working, owning a business, being a wife, mother, and grandmother was more important at that time of my life.  But when we retired 7 years ago, my dream finally came true.
Come into my studio from the garage. . .


From this area you will see through both of my little rooms.

If you turn to your left, you will be facing the double windows which allow so much natural light in.  But alas, would not cooperate with my camera and flash, so I closed the blinds and this is what I got.  I also use the top of the fabric storage area for some of my creations. Below the windows is a fabric scrap storage that my husband had built for me.  (I have 3 total.) And I just love them.  Now, if only I would just fold the scraps and put them back neatly instead of cramming them in … well it would look better!

Turning to your left you will see my OLD desk.  It is loaded with lots of notes, pictures, my stuff.  It really is not as function as a corner desk would be, but I love my antiques and for now it serves me well.

Directly across from my desk is the TV and more scrap fabric storage.  I use the TV for music and my wonderful Interweave Videos.

By the double windows, I have one inspiration board and one of my favorite creations (idea from Alisa Burke of a mobile.  I made one for my great grandchild and liked it so much, I made me one, too.  I have really enjoyed it. And some of my threads for quilting and yarn for knitting and crocheting.

Entering into the next area under the arch (oh, and my husband built the cornices over the window and the wide arch) is where I have my cutting table and beloved sewing machine.  Along with more books, fat quarter storage, and sewing essentials.
I love my cutting table.  I know it is a bit messy, but I love it anyway!  The fabrics on the end are the fabrics I make the KnitClutches with and the batting peeking through at the bottom is what I use for them also.  It is definitely a great working space and so functional for me!


I am also a fan of modern quilting and quilter, Elizabeth Hartman.  You can find her at  One of the classes that I take on she demonstrated how to make a great ironing surface.  This surface is so much better than a standing ironing board as it is a sturdy board (I used MDF) covered with batting, Thinsulate, and canvas.  I love it and rarely ever use my old ironing board.
I have another small window in this area which is to the left of my sink (where I love to dye fabrics, fibers, etc.) which use to be a beautiful white.  And beside the sink is another set of shelves for storing my fabric scraps and a bookcase to house some of my books.

I thought I would use the old cutting table for holding some of my WIPs.  At the moment, there is a wall hanging, table runner, small quilt and some of KnitClutches® waiting for me to get busy and finish.

Here’s one of my KnitClutches up close . . .



And this is how it works . . .
It is wonderful to use to take your
Knitting and Crochet projects with
Now going into the Paper/Painting/Card Making/Mixed Media area you will see the desk and shelves that I use for storing some of supplies for crafting.

I have a free standing shelf, bookcase, and built-in to house some of my rubber stamps, shape punches, glues, paints, etc.

I have a tall cabinet that I store other supplies and frequently used items.

And finally, I needed a design wall and after this little tour you can see that I did not have a wall space big enough so I borrowed a wall in our guest bedroom.  More walking, but problem solved.

All of my cabinets were built by a local cabinet maker, Johnny Baker of Baker Cabinets in Bogart, Georgia. 

I hope you have enjoyed visiting my space.  Please come back and visit my blog to see what I am creating in my Studio.  Have a great day!

“You know you are a Quilter if your ironing

board is always set up, but you never

iron clothes.”

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Happy 4th of July everyone!!!  Hope you have a great time with family and friends and have good weather.  Our forecast is 2-4” of rain with 100% change on the 4th.  We will see.

I thought that since it is summer and it gets too hot to knit that you might want to knit something cool that you can wear as well even on hot days.  I wrote this pattern and would love to share with you.  I used Katia Degrande and the colors are simply gorgeous!  Here it is….Have fun!

Easy Summer Cowl

This simple to knit cowl with its lacy texture, and if you choose a little bling, will be a great addition to your summer wardrobe.  It is truly a quick knit for you or knit up several for family and friends.

Finished measurements:

Length:  15”

Width:  3”


1 skein of Katia Degrande

Size 6 – 16” circular needle

Stitch Marker

Darning Needle

Gauge not important for this cowl.

CAST ON 120 sts using long-tail cast-on

Row 1:       Knit

Row 2:      Purl

Row 3:      Knit

Row 4:      Purl

Row 5:      Knit

Row 6:      Purl

Row 7:      *YO, K2tog, K2*, repeat around.

Row 8 and all even rows:  Knit

Row 9:      *K1, YO, K2tog, K1*, repeat around.

Row 11:      *K2, YO, K2tog*, repeat around.

Row 13:      *K2, SSK, YO*, repeat around

Row 15:     *K1, SSK, YO, K1*, repeat around.

Row 17:     *SSK, YO, K2*, repeat around

Row 19:     Purl

Row 21:     Purl

Row 23:     Purl

Row 25:  B/O in Knit

Weave in ends, block if desired (I did not), wear, and enjoy!

Designed by Cole Springs Studio®

Also, you can customize this scarf making it longer keeping the cast-on stitches even (120, 130, etc.) and you can make it wider by simply repeating Rows 1-24.  You can also add a yarn with bling, String-a-Long is great and doesn’t add any weight to scarf.  Just go for it and relax!  Make one for you or some for gifts.  If you make one, please send a picture for me to see!

Enjoy your summer!
You know you are a quilter when
"You clean up your studio and they think you
are leaving."