Thursday, June 13, 2013

Quick Table Runner

I just got tired of looking at a plain dining room table so I decided that I would do something quick. After deciding to do a sew and flip, I began to choose fabrics. Luckily I had a jelly roll of colors that I like so that limited cutting except for cutting the strips in half. I auditioned batting cut to the size that I thought I wanted and began sewing and flipping. The size of my table runner is approximately 17" by 42". Choose the size you would like and follow the directions below if you want to make a quick table runner.

I started with a plain dining room table . . .

I measured to see how big I wanted my table runner and auditioned a piece of batting to make sure . . .

Now on to choosing fabrics for this project. This project could go seasonal, scrappy, etc. Your choice! I happened to find a jelly roll that I thought would be suitable through spring.

Of course since I had pre-cut strips I used 2-1/2" strips, but you could easily vary the widths, use smaller widths, larger widths, etc. Again your choice.  My kind of project.

I layed these strips out in the order I wanted to use and cut them in half and made two identical stacks. I began with the top strip of one stack and removed the identical strip from the other stack. Now for the sewing. Lay the strip in the middle of your batting and add another strip from the stack and sew using a 1/4" seam. Flip and press. Add the next strip from the same stack, flip, and press until you get this half finished. Now when you go to the next stack you will notice that the strip matches the one on the other side of the center strip. For me, that's what I chose to do. Now continue with the sew, flip, and press until entire batting is covered. For the size of my table runner I used 23 strips.

Next trim and square up the runner. For my project, I chose to do a pillowcase back versus binding. I used muslin and made the backing. After sewing on the backing, I used a bone folder to push out the corners, pressed the finished table runner, and placed on my dining room table.

Much to my amazement, I had already used some of the strips to make a fabric vase! For a little over one and a half hours, I filled my empty table with something that I enjoyed doing and love.

The beauty of this project is that you can do it however you wish and without a pattern and using your own imagination. This is a great project for the beginner and a FUN project for anyone!
Be not afraid, have fun, and enjoy the process and the
outcome will totally you!!!



  1. Nothing better than a quick, satisfying project. It looks great on your table!

  2. I love it the colors are a great blend. Jelly rolls makes life easy for us quilters.

    1. Yes, it does!!! I love using them and enjoy participating in jelly roll races!! Thanks!