Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's been a while!  Life gets busy and I have lots of WIPs that I am constantly working on as well (hee hee) adding new ones! 

Now it's time to plan for the upcoming holiday . . .

I love Halloween and decorating for this spooky holiday so I thought I would share some of my Halloween projects with you. 
These are some Trick or Treat bags that I found the pattern for in one of my magazines.  I made four cat bags for the girls and a Frankenstein bag for Avery.  How simple the appliques are . . . shapes!  You could even buy the pre-made muslin bags from a craft store and decorate!  Use your imagination and have fun!  Your children or grandchildren will love them!


I made the Halloween pumpkin pillow a couple years ago at a class that I took at Dragonfly Quilt Shop.  The Haunted Tree Pillow, shown below, I found it in a magazine featuring Patrick Lose.  Love Patrick Lose's applique! 

This is Patrick Lose's design!

This birdhouse was made by my husband and I decorated it for the Halloween birds.


This painted pumpkin was inspired from Alisa Burke’s blog.  Hers are much better!!!


The stuffed pumpkin came from one of my favorite artists, Nancy Halversen.  I will have to say I have all of her books and each and everyone of them are GREAT!


This ticker tape wall hanging I made using Halloween fabric scraps.  I cut a piece of muslin and cut squares and rectangles out of my Halloween fabric scraps.  I then sew them around the edges to the muslin piece with batting on the back.  After I finish sewing the fabric scraps to the muslin, I put a back on and sew it together with the front by sewing between the squares.  I finish off with binding and hanging tabs.  I found a square piece of wood in my husband’s workshop, painted it, and after it was dried, hung up my Halloween Ticker Tape Quilt.  I have since made one for Fall and will make one for Christmas, etc.  FUN!  You can also use scraps and Mod Podge them onto a canvas and hang as art (if you do not sew)!


Also using scraps, I made this Halloween fabric bowl.  I will do a tutorial at a later date on how to make these easy and decorative bowls.  Peltex is a wonderful product!!


This Halloween ornament is made using a clear glass ornament, small fabric scraps, and Mod Podge (one of my favorite products).  Just glue your scraps onto the glass ornament with the Mod Podge covering the entire ball!  Add a couple of coats when finished (drying between coats) and hang on an ornament holder.  I also wired a decorative button to the ornament.  You can make one for ALL the holidays!


Finally, I made an Alisa Burke inspired tablescape.  Cute, HUH?


 I will say Bye for now leaving you with this quote,

“I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things

of life which are the real ones after all.”

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