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Hi, and welcome to my blog . . .

Been really busy lately knitting, quilting, and painting for the holidays!  I have long decided that I stay busy to keep out of “trouble” . . .

I recently had a request for a knitting pattern that I wrote for a cowl and I am finally getting around to posting it!




And Another Drop Stitch Scarf


1 skein Lorna’s Laces Sportmate Yarn

String-a-Long Sequin Yarn in color to match

Size 10 – 16” circular needles

Stitch Marker

CO 110 stitches and join in the round being careful not to twist

Round 1 -  K

Next two rounds add sequin yarn with main yarn

Round 2 – K

Round 3 – Purl

Cut sequin yarn leaving a 6” tail

Round 4 – K

Round 5 - *K1, YO two times, K1*, repeat around

Round 6 -  K dropping YOs

REPEAT Rounds 1 – 6 four more times.

BO in Knit.  Weave in ends.  Block if desired.  Wear and Enjoy!!

Pattern designed by Cole Springs Studio®

I used yarn purchased from our local yarn shop, Main Street Yarns, which is Lorna’s Lace yarn (quite yummy) and for a little bling I added String-a-long with the yarn.  The string yarn has sequins in it and is quite easy to knit while holding another yarn.  You can chose not to add the bling and a different yarn as gauge does not matter on this project.  In fact, if you want a longer or infinity scarf just add more stitches as long as you keep the number even.
A close up of the stitches . . .


This is such a quick and easy knit.  Hopefully, you will make lots of these for Christmas, birthdays, special occastions, etc. 

I have also tried different techniques using fabric and one of my favorite products, Peltex®, on one of the projects.  If you know me, you know that I love to applique and this little quilt came together pretty quickly.  I made four 8” log cabin squares using blue fabrics and then found some orange and yellow fabrics to make the flowers.  And of course had to add embellishments . . . beads, brads, wire, and even a washer.  My goodness it was so much fun to do and quite colorful, too.


Two close-ups . . .

Oh, and had to get ready for Christmas with a few ornaments.  I love birds, so I made a template and found the colors I wanted (I did the wings different on each bird), peltex, and ribbon.  I affixed the fabrics to the two-sided fusible Peltex® and traced the bird onto one side.  I then cut it out and painted the edges with acrylic (cheap kind) paint, and sewed on a ribbon for hanging.  And for a little more bling, I stuffed a bird, painted with Mod Podge®, sprinkled with glitter and sewed a ribbon on for hanging. Easy peasey!


I found in one of my old paper crafting books a woven heart pattern.  I found the fabrics I wanted, ironed them onto Wonder Under®, cut them out and put them together weaving in the strips.  I painted over the surface with glitter glue, and attached a ribbon for hanging.  I should point out that this heart is made from two heart shapes and any size. You need to cut equal size strips on each heart and then weave the strips together to create this look.  It would be really neat to do larger hearts and putting it on a quilt, pillow, bag, etc.  Possibilities are endless. 



I will post some more Christmas ornaments in my next post.

I am an ardent follower of Quilting Arts and on one of their shows I saw where an artist, Barbara Schneider, made a leaf from fabric.  She specializes in 3-D art and it is fabulous!  Now hers is so much better and quite a bit larger, but I just had to try it on a smaller scale.  For the first one, it wasn’t half bad.  One of her art pieces was a 6’ square of leaves and quite awesome.  I don’t think I will ever get that big, but the small leaf was a neat and fun project.


A close-up . . .


Have a great Halloween.  Remember that in whatever you do just have FUN!!!

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