Monday, January 13, 2014


I love Valentine’s Day!  Not because of chocolate (although that doesn’t hurt), but because of the hearts!!!  Love them! Also, this holiday is a reminder to be sure to tell the ones you love just how much you love them! You do not have to go out and spend lots of money to celebrate this holiday.  You can get creative!!!  In fact, I thought that I would take this pile of fabric . . .


To see what I could do for the granddaughters for this special day.

I follow Alisa Burke’s blog and remembered seeing a heart tee-shirt she had made a couple years ago.  I decided to try my hand at it and this is how I did mine.

I drew hearts on the paper side of fusible web.  I used fabrics from my pile to fuse them to.  After they cooled, I cut them out and fused them randomly onto the tee-shirts.  In order for them to stay after washings, I decided that I had better sew them down.  I just used a straight stitch and sent around all of the hearts.  This should keep them on the shirts before they outgrow them.


For the youngest grandchild, I decided to “crazy piece a heart to fuse onto her shirt.  I cut a heart shape from my fusible web and randomly layed out pieces of fabric and then ironed them down.  I cut out the heart shape and fused it onto the tee-shirt and then stitched around each of the pieces and the heart shape as well.  Think it turned out kind of cute . . .

Lately, at night I have been knitting and found this really neat pattern on Ravelry (free) called the Abbey Sampler Scarf.  This scarf has 12 panels each depicting a character from Downton Abbey, a popular British show that all the girls around here are completely addicted to.  I have started my 7th panel and I am having a great time knitting this one.  This is a great beginner scarf as it uses different stitch patterns in each panel.  Aren't the colors beautiful and the patterns are each unique.  This kind of pattern keeps me interested!

I love journals!!  I am not quite sure if I like journaling or just the creating the covers for them.   This is my latest journal and it is ready for me to get creative inside it as well.  Stamping, paint, Mod Podge(r), tissue paper, cutouts, oh my goodness what fun this was to make!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a great week!  Remember in whatever you do, have FUN!!!

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