Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Little Paper Crafting

Oh my goodness, do I love playing with paper.  Even though I love my sewing machine (which I do use in some of my booklets) and my knitting needles, I love playing with paper.  I make cards, books, bags, boxes, you name it.  And tea bag folding is another favorite which I will blog about later.

Recently, we had a good friend to get married and I thought I would put together a little journal for her to use to put down her thoughts and extra pictures that she might have.  I put in lots of pockets and tags and neat little hiding places for special notes.  Here are some pictures for you to see . . . If you haven’t played with paper lately, you really ought to give it a try.



Sorry about the orientation of this picture . . . It doesn't show up portrait on computer or my camera.  Guess the computer took over and decided on its own how to print picture!



Added handmade envelope for extra pictures, journaling notes, or whatever she wants to tuck away in it!



These pages left blank for pictures or journaling . . . paper just too pretty for me to cover up.

And . . .

 And back cover . . .
I punched holes in the book and used rings for binding.  Added the front and back clear cover sheets for extra protection and lots of little ribbons.  Loved the way it turned out!

I cannot tell you how much joy I found making this book for this special friend.  Now off to knit a beaded cuff!  Until next time . . .



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