Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi, everybody!  Hope all of you have a very sweet and Happy Valentine’s Day!  Valentine’s Day can get so commercial but you can make something for your sweetie such as a cake, give flowers, make a card, etc.  But the main thing is to just give something of yourself!  And handmade items by you always have part of you with it!

I promised on my Facebook post that I would show you how to make a “Squash Card”.  So here goes . . .

The supplies you will need:

Scissors, bone folder (optional), trimmer (can be substituted using scissors), scoring board with diagonal plate (optional as you can use a ruler), scoring tool, ribbon, scor tape, and tape runner (you can substitute any adhesive of your choice making sure that it is super strong), 8 ½” decorative paper,

scraps of paper for the inside of your book/card.

Step one: Cut a square 8” x 8”.

Step two:  Score at 4”, rotate and score at 4”, and then score from corner to corner.

Step three:  Fold on score lines and burnish well!  Inside and Out.

This will fold into a 4 x 4” square.

Step four:  Attach ribbon to back of square.  Run a piece of scor tape across the back of the square and attach ribbon before putting on the back cover.  This is for the closure.  This step is also optional.  I just love the look of the ribbon tie so I use it all the time.  You can use pony tail bands, paper clips, etc. or nothing at all.


Now tie your ribbon. . .

Decorate your card/book for whatever occasion you are making it for.  I call mine a book as pictures can be adhered onto the inside if the recipient chooses to do so.

To decorate cut 2 - 3¾” squares for front cover and back cover.

Cut 2 – 3-5/8” squares and then cut again from point to point for the inside.

Adhere these pieces with adhesive of your choice.

The Trimmer and Score Board are both Stampin Up products.  If interested, you can go online at and search demonstrators.  You will find me in Bishop/Athens area.  Place your order and have fun! 

Now, for Valentine’s (or next holiday or occasion), using Shrinky Dinks made for Ink Jet printers, make a brooch.  Mine was made from a page from my sketch book that I copied in my Ink Jet printer, cut it out into a heart shape, and attached a pin on the back.  Remember, if you want a hole to use as a necklace or to make earrings, punch before you shrink.  Also, follow the directions on the Shrinky Dink package and cut your piece about 2/3 to more larger as it will definitely shrink during the heating process.

This is my valentine brooch:

Also, for part of my Valentine decorating, I made a fabric vase.  If interested, I will give information and a written tutorial on this.

These are silk flowers; however, you can place a small container inside the vase from the bottom (bottom is open), add water, place vase over container, and add fresh flowers.

Finally, before the year gets away from me, I made this calendar using an inexpensive acrylic frame and scraps of paper. 


These are some fun projects that I enjoy doing and I know that you will too.  Get creative and embellish, change up, or use my ideas, JUST HAVE FUN!

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes,

Art is knowing which ones to keep.”


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