Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hello, welcome to my new blog.  I previously was located at holleysravesandreviews.blogspot.com.  I decided that I needed a new blog with a new look and new ideas.  I hope you will enjoy my pursuits, designing, creating, and sharing! 

I have been quilting for 6 years and have loved every minute of it.  I can say that I wish I had been quilting all my life, but career, marriage, children, and running a business took center stage.  But as soon as retirement hit, I exploded.  I did not realize that for years I had been holding all of this creativity I had inside and when it got a chance it excaped with a venegance. 

I have made quilts for gifts and for selling.  I make pillows, pillowcases, mixed media art pieces, art quilts, jewelry, etc.  I knit and crochet for pure enjoyment and of late have ventured out with some designs of my own. 

I am always looking for ways to improve my habits, oops, hobbies and one of the first items that I came up with was a way to transport my knitting projects stylishing.  So I made myself what I called a KnitClutch(r). 

The grommets are great as they provide a smooth and easy access to the yarn for your project.  When transporting, you can put your project in progress and pattern in the bag.
The front of the bag has a key fob to hang your keys.

When I take my bag, I can hang my keys and put my wallet in the bag so that I all have to carry is my KnitClutch.  Wow!  Love it!  Main Street Yarns and Fibers carry the KnitClutch and you can find the site at knitclutch.com.

Some more examples are . . .

The quilter in me couldn't resist a pieced project.  I do quilt all the bags whether pieced or whole cloth.  I try to make all of them differently -- fabrics and quilting.  Some more examples:
Linen and selvages make for a unique bag!

Florals are also a favorite with Amy Butler fabrics being the top of the list.  In other words, Amy fabric sells first. 

This bag has a beachy feel or maybe reminds you of a trip to Italy.

And couldn't resist a fabric with words and about recycling!

There are so many more to see. . .  Go to knitclutch.com(tm)  and from there click on order now (you do not have to order) and click on Main Street Yarns and you will see what she has featured. 

Next time we will talk about modern quilting and maybe a little knitting on the side.  Please visit again and comments are appreciated.


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