Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spring Cleaning and Making Lavender Sachets

Guess you could say I must really love Doodling . . . posted twice!  Oh, well, let's move on to something new......

Spring Cleaning! This is a time to clean, freshen, organize, etc. Speaking of freshen, years ago I made fabric and knitted sachets for all my drawers and closets but somewhere along the way I stopped and started onto something new. I guess you could say that sachets are "Old-Fashioned" but they do serve a purpose and can be customized any way and for any occasion.

Browsing one of my favorite blogs,, I came across a tutorial for sachets. I decided that it would be fun to do some again. In their blog they chose to use chintz as the top fabric and organic canvas for the backing of the little sachet pillows. I decided to use vintage cotton prints and linen for the backing. My stuffing is a bit different as well, but the same results can be achieved either way. Here is the way I made mine. Make some for yourself, your friends, teacher presents, etc. 

I used a charm pack of vintage cotton prints.   I placed one of the squares onto of the linen and cut a square measuring 4". Take your squares to the iron and press down 1/4" on one side of both fabrics. Now pin for sewing . . .

As you can see I chose to make more than one at a time. Now sew around three sides leaving the pressed 1/4" edge (top) unstitched except making sure you catch the folded edge in your stitching on both corners. Turn right side out and push out corners carefully especially if you are using linen as you can poke a hole in your fabric. Press and get ready to stuff.

Using a small amount of stuffing place in the pillow pushing all the way to the bottom. Now add 1/8 cup of dried lavender or any dried herb that you prefer. I just like the scent of lavender in my lingerie drawers.

Add another small amount of stuffing.   Pin top and slip stitch the opening closed.

Now using a needle and thread sew a straight stitch in the middle of your pillow making it tufted. Make several stitches in the same spot and tie off in the back. Of course, you can add a button, bead, etc. to embellish your pillow.

These are so much fun to make and quite addicting. Make one or a dozen, embellish or not, give away or keep for yourself, just have FUN!
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"I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple

things of life which are the real ones after all."

--Laura Ingalls Wilder